Are you tired of:
Misunderstandings in the work place?
Being frustrated with Clients and Co-workers?
Do you feel misunderstood in the work environment?
Not understanding people?
Hearing those pesky complaints about why a person looked at someone a certain away or the tone they spoke with?

As a manager, I often got frustrated when I would speak with fellow team members or clients.  I knew what I was communicating, but I could not understand why they did not get what I was saying.   Sound familiar?  Additionally, I became frustrated with the amount of time spent mediating between team members on those pesky little communication problems regarding tone of voice, body mannerisms, and how team members looked or didn't look at each other when communicating, etc.  

I have good news!

This can be fixed!

can't promise all of your issues to be fixed, but I can promise about 99% of your issues can be fixed. 

Before we jump into the how.  Think about a sports team.  

They gather at the start of the season.  Some team members returning from the previous season and some new to the team.  To successful, this team has to act as a team and to do so, they have to understand each other.  They have to know what makes each other tick, what there body language means, how they communicate, etc.  If they do not know this, they cannot successfully run plays and in the most critical moment of a game, make a last minute change to score the game wining point. 

What is the key?

They have framework to understand each other.

You can do the same. 

By understanding the framework of how you communicate and how other's communicate, you now have the secret playbook to effectively communicate. 

The Maxwell Method of DISC gives you:

An overview of the Four different personality types

Framework to help identify an individual's personality type

The tools to effectively communicate with each personality type

A better understanding of your personality indicator

You will walk away with a better understanding of others and how to effectively communicate with them.  be able to use both in the office and outside

the office. 

What is included: