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Do You Have a Whole Pie? Why Your Organization's DNA is Important

Have you worked for an organization where something is just off? You spend your days putting fire after fire out and you feel like you are juggling balls; however the balls are going to fall soon too? You step outside of your office or should I say, you carefully step outside your office, because you know you are going to see unhappy team members and they will either ignore you or want to tell you how unhappy they are? You get handed a piece of paper thinking it's the latest P&L and you pray that there is a miracle, but instead it's the resignation of your best employee....if this sounds familiar, you are probably not feeling the most happiest. The upside is that it's fixable and it all comes down to your DNA!

Making sure your organization's DNA is in order, is a critical component to your success. If any part of the DNA chain is off, you are a sinking ship. Let's break out the components of the DNA and explore how they work together. Think of your DNA like a pie, if a slice of the pie is missing, it is not whole.

Vision -

Vision is the core of your DNA. Without defining or having clarity of your vision, you cannot move forward with having a whole pie. Vision is like the pie crust. Without it, you will just have some gooey insides swishing around, but nothing to hold it steady. To have a solid foundation, a team needs to understand the overall vision, the mission statement of the organization and the team member philosophy. This provides the framework to move forward.

Strategy -

Do you have a strategic plan in place? Strategies whether in business, marketing and organizational areas are the road maps for your team to know where they are headed. To stay with the pie analogy (hey- who doesn't love a good slice of pie!), the strategy is the recipe for the pie. Without proper documentation and understanding, the team is left confused and unempowered. They do not understand the structure or where they are headed. They are basically the baker throwing in random ingredients to see if it works. Some bakers or team members can pull this off, but we are not all Duff Goldman. This results in frustration and loss of investment into the position.

Values -

Values are your actions that fall in line with vision. Do you follow through with what your vision preaches? If you don't, this will create distrust within the Team. Remember that the employee buys into the person first before the vision. If you do not have the team's trust, they will not buy into any vision. How do you support your Team? As an organization do you have support mechanisms in place for those in leadership roles, for those who are new to leadership roles and overall growth opportunities for team members? If the recipe calls for egg whites, but you throw the whole egg into the pie, what does that do to the reciepe? The same occurs when your values do not coincide with your vision.

Culture -

Culture is the flavor of the pie. When the overall ingredients are off, then the pie does not taste good. Internal communication, team dynamics and your office environment comprise the culture section of the DNA. These are the ingredients in your recipe. When making the pie, if any of the ingredients are wrong, then the flavor is off. If your team is not connecting, they are not communicating and thereby the foundation of the DNA is off. What are you doing to help them communicate? While everyone enjoys a good raise, there are many programs you can offer that do not require official compensation to the team member. From Maxwell Method of DISC assessments and trainings to a focus on team building and employee programs including recognition, casual days, and speciality days, you can flip your culture from one of impending doom to one of impending success.

I am excited to announce that we will be launching a DNA Survey shortly. You will be able to log and answer a short survey that will take you through a series of questions. The survey will help you to see what pie slices you still have and which ones are missing. While the scenario in the opening paragraph is pretty embellished, many teams experience parts or all of those emotions. So, the next time you start to feel like something off, take moment to think about your pie. What slices are missing? And stay tuned for the launch of the survey!

Kendra Clark Leadership Strategies is a global agency located in Stockton, CA focusing on executive coaching and leadership, business and marketing strategy consulting with a focus on sports and entertainment, hospitality, tourism and non profit organizations.   As a member of the John Maxwell Team, Kendra helps organizations and executives overcome any hurdles they may be facing through purposeful leadership and strategy. To learn more about our services, please email or visit

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