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Do You Have Your Playbook Ready for 2021?

At the start of every season, a football team comes together and outlines their goals for the upcoming season. They spend hours-on-hours reviewing the playbook. Learning every play and watching game footage of opponents analyzing over every little detail. In the middle of a game, when the score is tied, there is usually a time out called. Why? The quarterback and several players will huddle with the coach and talk. What are they talking about? The playbook and what play to utilize. The foundation for this conversation is the goal of scoring a touchdown to win the game, so they can ultimately achieve the long-term goal of winning the championship.

A strategic plan is the playbook for your Team. It’s the document that will tell each team member how to achieve the goals both short term and long term. It’s a document that will be reviewed, lived, updated, and relived every single day. If you do not have a strategic plan, then how do you know what play to make next? Are you just winging it and living on a prayer? I am a huge Bon Jovi fan, but “Livin’ on a Prayer” should not be the theme song in your office.

Let’s go back to the top and break this down:

  • Pre season Team Meeting to set goals = Strategic Planning Session

  • Reviewing playbook and learning the plays = Your Team understanding the direction you are headed

  • Mid game huddle = Mid year or annual strategic review

  • Play = Your team knowing the exact steps to take to achieve your goal

  • Win = Your team achieving the goals of the company

As we look towards 2021, make sure you have taken the time to put together or update your strategic plan. You want to go into 2021, with a fresh play book and knowing exactly where you want to be on December 31, 2021. Don’t waste a year "Livin on a Prayer"...make sure come the end of 2021, that your new song is "We Are The Champions"....who doesn’t like a good Queen song?

If you would like additional resources in the pre-season team meeting, don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to assist and ensure that you are exactly where you want to be on December 31, 2021.

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