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Friday Tips To Ensure Monday Success

Smile - It's Friday!

Do you have any good plans for the weekend?

I hope you do! Taking time to recharge is a necessary practice. And yes, this statement is coming from me.....who is violator numero uno on this topic!

I have gotten better recently....but that is due to working with my coach after all my friends and family reminded me of my habit for years. Yes.....I know full well the feeling of being annoyed each time a comment was made. Why did it annoy me? I knew deep down they were right.

Do you know that feeling?

We are going to make this short and sweet today. Hey- its Friday!

Below is a short list of tips that you can do before you leave the office. This will help ease some of the silent guilt and limiting beliefs that you have talked yourself into about the importance of taking some time off to recharge, but will also help ease you back into the work grind come Monday morning! I me.....I know!!

Friday Tips To Set You Up For Monday Success

1 - Review your To Do List Make sure you clean up any of those little tasks that have been sitting there staring at you. This will leave your conscious clear over the weekend and eliminate the guilt on Monday when you come back in and they are still staring at you!

2 - Reflect Take 30-45 minutes and reflect on the week. What were your success, challenges, accomplishments, roadblocks? What were your team's success, challenges, accomplishments, roadblocks? Were there any tasks that ate up time that did not help you or your team accomplish your goals? Are you on track to accomplish your monthly, quarterly and annual goals?

3 - Clean Up File those loose papers, shred those papers that have been stacked on your floor, organize, dust and wash out your coffee cup. Most importantly, fill up that Keurig machine with will DEFINITELY appreciate that one come Monday morning!

4 - Celebrate Gather your team for a 10-15 minute huddle and celebrate the accomplishments! No matter how small, this is a great encourager to keep moving towards your goals and to develop team building amongst each other.

Now, it's time to power down that computer, shut your door and start your weekend!

If you do have some great plans - please share! I would love to hear what you are doing and get any good ideas for upcoming weekends!



PS - If you are working from home as many of us are....these tips still apply! Just because you have a home office, does not mean you have to work 7 days a week. Shut that door, just like you would walk out to your car in a traditional office setting, and don't open till Monday!

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