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How Forgiving Are You?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Monday morning, I was exhausted! It was one of the mornings where NO amount of coffee would help. My muscles ached beyond exhaustion, getting out of bed was painful, and I was physically drained. As I laid in bed, knowing full well that I should continue to sleep, I kept arguing with myself in my head. I knew in advance that my Monday morning would feel like this. For the first time since March 13, 2020.....I had back-to-back events that I worked at. I spent the weekend, setting up tables, chairs, and moving cases of water from a truck bed to a storage room to a fridge to the concession booth. It was a "All Hands on Deck" weekend. I LOVED every minute of it. Words cannot explain the emotions I felt when I physically saw people again come through the front gates. You could hear laughing, chatter and R2D2......Sunday's event was a comic con! For someone who has spent 18 years in the live entertainment world, it was coming home! So, why did I lay in bed Monday morning arguing with myself? Because I had dropped the ball and not scheduled my social media posts for Monday morning. You may be thinking....Kendra, that is a bit irrational. The world will not come to a screeching end because you did not schedule the Monday Motivation post. But...that is exactly my point. When you are think irrationally. So, how often do you argue with yourself for dropping the ball at work? Do you let it go or do you continue to beat yourself up? And...when you are arguing with yourself.....what is causing the argument....are you tired? Either way, as managers or business owners, we need to be kind and forgiving to ourselves. There are always going to be one is perfect....even if we think we are - haha. But, it's up to we move forward. So take the time to acknowledge the ball dropped, ask yourself why it was dropped, reroute yourself and then FORGIVE yourself and move on. Kindness and Forgiveness starts with ourselves. Kendra Clark If you are ready to gain clarity about yourself and your leadership style and want accountability on your intentionality and growth plan, let's talk! Click Here to book a discovery call and let's put together a coaching and training plan that can be your blueprint for career and professional success.

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