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Transferrable Skills - You Got This!

Sometimes you come to a point in your career when you want to make a change. Change can be scary. You may know that you need to make a change, but don't know h

ow and don't believe that you have skills to make the change. It may feel like you are staring at a brick wall. I have some good can make a change and you do have skills that can be transferable to other areas. You just need to do a little work. Let's take a moment and dive into this.

In many industries right now many people are, unfortunately, facing the new reality that their current position and industry is on hold for the time being. As someone who has spent the last 18 years of my career in Sports and Live Entertainment, I understand from my own experience, that this is an industry full of passionate people. To be in Sports and Live Entertainment, you do not just have a job. You have lived a passion driven career that is your lifestyle. I used to always tell new interns that they will either love or hate the industry. If they love it, it will become their lifestyle and not just a job. If they hate it, they will find a new path. There is no medium. You live the highest of highs and are present for game clinching wins and sold out concerts. There is nothing quite like listening to thousands of people cheer when that winning point is scored or the band hits their first note of the night. There are also the long hours and bonds with co-workers that far extend the walls of the venue. The feeling is indescribable, but it's also the reason that kept us going.

No industry has been hit harder than this one. While the industry is full of passion and some of the most adaptable and out of the box thinkers, it's unfortunately an industry that COVID is providing limited avenues for adaptability. To put it quite simply, the industry relies on large gatherings of people. There has been some adaptability with drive in concerts and movies, but this sector has been boxed in far more than others. Despite all of this though, there is resilience and transformation happening. I continually see colleagues looking at their future growth by transitioning into Master and other professional programs. I also see others taking the leap and taking their skills and transitioning into other industries.

For those who think they are pigeoned into a specific job or industry, I think we can all learn from the Sports and Live Entertainment Industry. Take a moment to pause and reflect. Take a look at what your current job description is and compare to a list of your strengths and passions. Where do your strengths and passions direct you to? Remember, an Event Manager or Production Manager has skills that translate into project management, organizational management, and leadership. A Box Office Manager has accounting, book keeping, and customer service skills. If you continue to be stumped, reach out to your mentors and friends and ask them what your strengths are. Additionally, you could work with a coach to help you analyze and translate your skills. Lastly, you want to take those skills and concisely explain how they translate into the new industry. Illustrate how an Event Manager is really a project manager and how a good chunk of time for a box office manager is spent on bookkeeping, accounting and strategic planning (ie developing ticket prices and the seats that are associated with each ticket price). When interviewing, make sure you lead with your punch followed by the explanation of your transferable skills and end by bringing both points together.

Don't think just because you have always been in one industry that you have to stay. There may be a time when you have to switch out of necessity (or a pandemic). The good news is that you can do it. Continue to grow, continue to think " How Far Can I Go" and know that what you are doing now, you have skills that can be transferred across industries.

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