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What Are Your Intentions?

Let me ask you a question....How intentional are you throughout your day?

I ask because I was reminded of a lesson......

Yesterday was an A+ day for me. I am not saying this to brag, but I am congratulating myself - haha!

Hey- you have to celebrate the wins because......I don't always have A+ days.

I started yesterday morning, like every morning.

I had my cup of coffee, put together my To Do List, and got to work.

But - and this is a BIG but......

I made sure that I was intentional about taking care of all items coded in red on my To Do List FIRST.

Yes - I color code my To Do List.

  • Red - First Priority

  • Yellow - Second Priority

  • Green - Third Priority

One would think this is a fool proof method...but, nothing is fool proof.

It's amazing how you can self talk yourself into doing the green items first or the yellow because they are easier or more fun. But, are they getting me to where I want to be?


Yesterday, I made a point to be intentional to do the Red items first. No matter how long they took or unpleasant they were.

What was the outcome?

I made tremendous progress in where I want to be. I completed the tasks that would move me forward. It felt great.

What also happened?

I had time at the end of the day for a swim and the opportunity for an impromptu gathering with friends for dinner and drinks on my patio.

This doesn't always happen. In all honesty, I felt like it was the world rewarding me for accomplishing the red items first:)

So, how intentional are you with your daily tasks?

Are they helping you get to where you want to be or are they just white noise?

Eleanor Roosevelt summed it up best, " One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves."

What do your daily choices say to you?

Kendra Clark

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