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What Is Your Groundhog Day?

Today is Ground Hog Day!

Many of us associate the day with the actual animal and wonder if he will or will not see his shadow. For the record, I am Team No Shadow. As folklore states, this means an early spring. I say.....bring on the days of warmer weather!

But others associate the day with the famous Billy Crystal movie, Ground Hog Day.

In the movie, Billy Crystal plays a character named Phil, who is a sarcastic and narcissistic man. The premise of the movie, for those who have not seen, is that Phil wakes up in a time loop of repeating the same day over and over. This is done until he stops repeating his same mistakes, learns and changes his actions. In the end he discovers his purpose in life, which ultimately has Phil learning to think of others instead of just himself.

While Ground Hog Day is a blockbuster movie and good watch, it's also very applicable to our everyday life and leads to some great reflection for each of us.

Is your life on Ground Hog Day?

Is your Team experiencing Ground Hog Day?

What mistakes or believed perceptions do you live every day over and over that are stalling you and/or your team?

If you were to stop living Ground Hog Day, what would change and what would be the outcome for you and your team?

It took Phil 12,394 days in the movie to stop Ground Hog Day, don't be Phil.

Take the action to stop your Ground Hog Day TODAY.

On a side note - it looks like Punxsutawney (Phil) saw his shadow this morning when he awoke at 7:25am. Six more weeks of winter look to be coming our way. To look on the bright side - hopefully that means some good snow for us skiers and some very much needed rain in California.

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